Application of product multipliers for FY19 SIP

In FY19 product multipliers will apply to incremental sales quota retirement for some archetypes / team alignment.

To operationalise we need some additions to the GSSI data feed:

  • Multipliers will apply at the product code level (e.g. CIPESUZ5 or CONNECT IP ETHERNET SINGLE UPLINK ZONE 5) whichever is unique
  • Each product code will have a multiplier from a system perspective. However there will only be one set of multipliers (i.e. only four distinct multipliers – of which we know Standard = 1)
  • Multipliers apply to the claimable amount at the ProductUniqueID Hence one individual product line will have a claimable amount and a multiplied amount (which coincide if the product was classified as Standard)
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  • Aug 27 2018
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