TE-A Solutions Sales – perform load of BTS Opportunities into Phoenix, to align with SIP and sales claims

BTS Sales teams – Kloud, Readify and Vmtech – not onboarded to Phoenix, we require an automated mechanism to check and load non TE-A led Opportunities to be visible in Telstra environment.   Currently loading of Won opportunities are manually loaded into the SFDC front end based by the Solution sales team based  extracts presented in PowerBi and PowerApps and then manually load by SS or AE.


User story

As a

I want

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As a Solutions Sales Specialist / AE

I want a way for BTS opportunities for the accounts I own – to be loaded into Phoenix without having to manually copy information into Phoenix

I can view accurately view my customers; Opportunities, Closed/Won deals, and claim SIP (where valid)


I have visibility of accurate, weekly , regularly updated BTS opportunities in Phoenix – without having to load them manually

  • Able to match BTS Opportunities to territories (& AE / Solution sales)
  • Identify if BTS opportunity already in Phoenix, and handle exceptions
  • Provide a way to identify Opportunities at early stages of lifecycle
  • Automate the data load into Phoenix – as appropriate
  • Replace manual verification and re-keying into Phoenix
  • BTS Opportunities already in Phoenix are not duplicated by the automation
  • TBA - Able to update existing opportunities?





Assume we continue to use existing mechanism (CRM x 3 to excel data load, then format to requirements of Phoenix loader) outside of Phoenix

This will be done weekly and placed where the Phoenix opportunity load can pick it up


Logic needed to ensure duplicates don’t get loaded

Epic - P2O – sales alignment (Cloud solution sales)

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  • Sep 26 2018
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